Information for Contractors

SANIPOR® creates new business opportunities for Sewer Cleaner, Pumper and Rehabilitation companies

Service laterals as a major source of I/I have become a new frontier in the sewer rehabilitation business.

The EPA standards as the Clean Water Act are zero tolerance policy.            

Current efforts to eliminate I/I are disappointing nationwide. New approaches have to be introduced.            

Take Flood Grouting into your toolbox and deliver outstanding results to your clients.  

The Solution is SANIPOR®

  • SANIPOR® is a comprehensive method that can reach the expectations and program goals
  • SANIPOR® fills the gap in the marketplace with simple and economically profitable technology
  • SANIPOR® technology has high performance per day, at low cost
  • No specific equipment required; standardized equipment are used
  • Equipment lease is possible
  • License territories are available 

Be at the forefront of a proven, comprehensive and sustainable technology that can eliminate infiltration up to 99%.

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Advantages of Sanipor
Cost Comparison

Our services for you are

We are the Licensor of the SANIPOR® technology worldwide

  • Presentation of the technology for you, your clients and engineering firms        
  • Joint pilot project calculation and planning – for quotations            
  • Supervision and guidance during first common projects       
  • Supply of the original SANIPOR® components made in the USA or UK       
  • Technical assistance and training of your staff in theory and practice   
  • Documentation of pilot projects               
  • Know How License and Technology Transfer 
  • The SANIPOR® Service Team will stay available for support and exchange of experiences.
Technological Training