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All US American conveyance system owners and operators are obliged to bring their sewer system into compliance with the USA EPA regulations:

         Clean Water Act (CWA)                       

         Capacity Management Operation and Maintenance (CMOM)           

         Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement 34      

In the UK Water Companies have to comply with:

         Water Act 2014

         AMP 6


These regulations require proactive evaluation and maintenance programs for the sewer collection systems.



Over the last decades the results of usually applied rehabilitation methods and piecemeal strategies against infiltration have been disappointing. To invest millions in CIPP installations and get 20-35% reduction of infiltration should be frustrating enough for clients and engineers to look for better options and entirely new approaches.

A paradigm change is necessary to get away from  “…. doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.”


By now, design engineers are confronted with the inevitable necessity to include service laterals (in full length) to the rehabilitation plans - being the largest part of the conveyance system by length and major source of I/I.

Groundwater does not care about property lines.



So why SANIPOR®?

Introduce a Solution that provides real value to your customer

The majority of all pipes are candidates for a SANIPOR® treatment:  they have small diameters, no structural damages but are still leaking.      

SANIPOR® is a comprehensive, quick and economical technology for sealing the entire sewer collection system – segment by segment.

 The efficiency of SANIPOR® result from:

  • The simultaneous sealing of one sewer main pipe, all laterals in full length and manholes – in one operation - in one day   
  • The ability of two liquid components to "detect" and seal all leaks automatically by gravity - providing evidence of the achieved water-tightness
  • The consequential improvement of bedding material that supports the stability of pipes
3D All segments

Relying on Physics: A Clean and Low - Technology that can eliminate infiltration!

DCF 1.0
Sealing protocol

Flooding with liquid grouts makes constant measurements of initial leakage rates, the grades of improvement and the final water tightness of a collection system possible. It reveals the pre- and post sealing conditions of the treated segment. 

That automatically ensures the compliance with any given standard or norm for the entire section, i.e. the reduction of infiltration or exfiltration up to 99%.

SANIPOR® works with the law of physics and takes advantage of  fluids which can track and block the paths of migrating groundwater/ sewage or sand. 



Elimination 99%

Our services for you are

  • Presentation of the technology and support for you and your clients
  • Pilot project calculation and planning
  • Supervision and guidance during the entire pilot projects  
  • Documentation of the SANIPOR® project   
  • Continued exchange of results and support when needed