Economy of SANIPOR®

Besides all well known advantages of so called No-Dig Technologies, Flood Grouting has exceptional characteristics.

It uses gravity and rheology to flood, seal and rehabilitate gravity fed sewer collection systems “automatically”- segment by segment.

The collective treatment of all parts saves labor- and machine-time and money. More can be sealed for less costs.

SANIPOR® can be carried out by regional contracting companies or Public Works employees. No special equipment required.

The math is simple: Eliminating 99% of infiltration equals removing excess transportation and treatment cost.

Quickest payback period and future savings can only materialize when all excess costs are effectively stopped.

Sanipor Project in Seattle, 2011

Cost Comparison

It is worth cutting needless costs instead of merely reducing them.

Saving T&T cost with SANIPOR® results in making money

  • One segment per day saves 4 other labor days of using different methods in succession.
  • Large reductions in pumping hours and chemical demand
  • Reduction of transportation and treatment costs of excess water
  • Prolongation of the service life of the collection system and
  • Rendering treatment plant expansions unnecessary
  • stopping exfiltration of sewage saves water for recycling

A quick payback period following execution is due to immediate elimination of infiltration.

SANIPOR® can be regarded and scheduled as a convenient method of corrective maintenance. (No reduction of diameter, repeatable over decades)

Cost saving

Additional profitable benefits are

  • Anti-corrosion treatment: Concrete pipes, with biological sulfuric acid corrosion will be neutralized and a protective layer of calcium silicate will seal their corroded inner surface.
  • Reduction of root ingress: S1 is an effective inhibitor of root growth
  • Stabilization of loosened bedding material, stopping sand entering sewer pipes and preventing development of sink holes
Cost Benefits