Information for Municipal Clients

All US American conveyance system owners and operators are obliged to bring their sewer system into compliance with the USA EPA regulations:

Clean Water Act (CWA)                       

         Capacity Management Operation and Maintenance (CMOM)           

         Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement 34 


In the UK Water Companies have to comply with:

Water Act 2014

         AMP 6


These regulations require proactive evaluation and maintenance programs for the sewer collection systems.

Main objectives of sewer system capital investment programs are:

  • to minimize I&I, which will increase system capacity and decrease treatment costs;
  • reduce SSOs, and minimize tidal sea water intrusion;
  • protect the structural integrity of wastewater and storm drainage systems

Sanipor can meet these targets in most cases.


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INFILTRATION -  migrating water underground does not care about property lines…

Over the last decades, the results of commonly applied rehabilitation methods and piecemeal strategies against infiltration have been disappointing. To invest millions in CIPP installations and achieve merely  35-40% reduction of infiltration should be frustrating enough for clients and engineers to look for better options and entirely new approaches.

A paradigm change is required to get away from “…. doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.”

So why SANIPOR® ?

Quick, economical, efficient, customer- and eco- friendly, durable

Defeat infiltration successfully - up to 99%. Include the lateral pipes in full length into your rehabilitation and maintenance program and take advantage of the comprehensive, complete and single SANIPOR® process!

The majority of all pipes, measured by length (worldwide) are candidates for a SANIPOR® treatment because they unify three technical conditions:

Most of these pipelines have small diameters,  no structural damages but are leaking.                            

Conveyance system owner will get the most done for their money if SANIPOR® is carried out by their regional contracting companies or with own PW Utility personnel.

At request, Utility-, Public Work´s employees can also be trained in the application of the technology.

SANIPOR® could be budgeted as a corrective maintenance procedure. It causes no reduction of diameter or capacity in the pipe. Can be repeated over decades, when necessary.

The durability of SANIPOR®: Several project sites have been re-visited, inspected after 20 years. The excellent condition of these pipes is documented.

Design life is 50+ years under mechanically undisturbed conditions.

No Disturbance
Exfiltration area around the pipes made visible
Exfiltration area around the pipes made visible
Advantages of Sanipor
Cost Comparison

Quick payback period

Investments in SANIPOR® sealing have a quick payback period. The reasons for that are multiple.

  • High performance saves time and labor costs: one segment per day, all parts inclusive.
  • When infiltration is practically eliminated the transportation and treatment costs will be reduced significantly and the savings will pay for the investment.
  • The service life of the pipe network will be extended
  • Making the system truly water tight can render the enlargement of treatment plant unnecessary.

Our services for you are

  • Presentation of the technology
  • Pilot project calculation and planning
  • Supply of the original SANIPOR® components made in the USA and UK  
  • Supervision and guidance during the entire pilot project - QA&QC
  • Documentation of the carried out SANIPOR project 
  • Continued technical support when required
  • Teaching and training of personnel of PW Utility or regional contractor 
Presentation and training