What is SANIPOR®?

A trenchless sewer rehabilitation technology - a real Solution for old problems

SANIPOR® is the first comprehensive, geo-technical sealing method for sewer pipes and manholes which is up to stop water migration in the entire sewer collection system. It is a silicate based, inorganic and eco-friendly Flood and Drain technology with two liquid grouts. They detect all leaks, reveal the leakage rate, make pipes and manholes watertight and provide evidence of the achieved results.



In one continuous operation, SANIPOR® treats and improves the condition of all parts of one insulated sewer segment simultaneously, including:

  • manholes
  • mainline and
  • full length of all service lines (up to clean-outs)        
  • bedding materials


Elimination of infiltration and exfiltration from the entire conveyance systems constantly between 95% and 99%.

Hence it stops migration of water, sewage and sand.



SANIPOR® seals one manhole to manhole segment per day.



SANIPOR® substitutes 3 alternative No-Dig technologies. 

The created soil-grout envelope around leaking pipes and manholes is

  • watertight
  • reintegrates the stability of bedding materials
  • improves the pipe support
  • reduces root ingress  

Mechanical and chemical resistance

The sandstone-like SANIPOR® conglomerate is resistant to acids and bases within the range of pH 1-9.

One component has an anti-corrosive effect on concrete.      



Substantially reduced amounts of infiltration secure reductions in pumping hours at lift stations and treatment costs at plants.

Savings at T&T result in quick payback period.

All laterals included
No traffic disturbance
Flooding of segment

What are technical advantages of SANIPOR®?

The leaks in a collection system do not have to be identified and located individually.

Flood Grouting seals all, even those which CCTV videos can not uncover. 

As the sealing takes place outside the pipes and manholes:

  • It maintains full pipe capacity- No reduction of pipe diameter
  • The technology can easily be repeated in the same pipe/manhole - if new leaks occur over decades – ideal for long term maintenance
  • It can be carried out under groundwater and in saline & seawater environment              
  • There are no problems with pressing groundwater – as in the case of manhole coating and CIPP
  • Sealing effect remains unaffected by rubble and jetting (inside)

SANIPOR® is a particularly attractive solution where digging trenches is either undesirable or impossible in inner cities, suburbs with gardens, in high traffic zones and industrial areas.    

SANIPOR® is applicable in industrial areas, where environmental and safety aspects are crucial and disruption of the production process has to be minimized. 

Advantages of Sanipor

What can be sealed with SANIPOR®?

Any structurally sound, earth-laid, gravity fed pipe and manhole, irrespective of material, shape, size (up to 24 inches) or the gradient.

Vast majority of leaking gravity fed pipes and manholes with exfiltration of sewage or infiltration of groundwater, sand or seawater. 


Collaboration with other rehabilitation methods to restore structural integrity of broken pipes locally is possible and recommended.

holistic sewer rehab

What is the durability of a SANIPOR® sealing?       

The inorganic silicate grout envelope - no organic resin - is inert against biological degradation,  as natural sandstone, clay or glass. In practice, no shrinkage or aging can be observed, its micro-structure and chemical condition are stable.

In the course of the geo-technical injection the loosened bedding material around the sewer line will be replenished. Hence the pipe support improves, and its mechanical stability against external forces will be strengthened. The remaining useful life of the collection system will be extended significantly.

SANIPOR® sealed pipes were re-inspected after 5, 10 and 20 years. 

Improved pipe support